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3M - RFID Tags


Maximize efficiency and improve 
customer service

Rewritable tags from 3M help libraries increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining security. Each tag contains a memory chip that can be programmed and reprogrammed with the information needed to identify and track library materials. Security status is stored directly on the tag, so there's no need for a separate server. In addition to being guaranteed for the life of the original item they're affixed to, tags only carry the item ID, thus protecting customer privacy. And because RFID technology eliminates the need for line of sight, checkout and return are simplified for both customers and staff. Tags also automate sorting, handling and inventory management. Your 3M Sales Consultant will help you determine the best 3M RFID tag to fit your needs.


3M - Conversion Station

Fast, portable conversion to RFID
As a component of the 3M-RFID System, this station provides a quick, easy solution for converting library materials to RFID technology. Featuring a touch-sensitive screen, optical barcode scanner and RFID reader, this self-contained station rapidly reads barcodes, converts the information and dispenses 3M-RFID Tags. The station doesn't require a connection to an automated circulation system, and because its designed to be self-contained on a portable cart, it works right in the stacks. The sophisticated laser scanner can handle virtually every barcode location and orientation, and a visible scan line helps staff place items correctly. In addition, the conversion station can reprogram RFID tags as items change.


3M - Digital Library Assistant

Actively manage your library collection
As a component of the 3M RFID System, this cordless, handheld device instantly reads 3M RFID Tags on library materials, turning shelf-reading,shelving, sorting, searching, weeding and exception-finding into routine tasks. Compact and easy to use, the Digital Library Assistant can hold information on more than one million items. The ergonomic design and swivel antenna maximize comfort and minimize stooping. No more bending or stretching to read high or low shelves. And because it simultaneously performs shelf-reading, searching and inventory scans, it can save time, increase productivity and discover errors that might otherwise go unnoticed. The device can also quickly identify items that were not properly checked out, and it instantly detects the security status of materials. Start actively managing your library collection today with the state-of-the-art Digital Library Assistant from 3M.


3M - Pad Staff Workstation

Process items quickly and safely
As a component of the 3M RFID System, this versatile unit can operate as a circulation desk or tag programming station. In addition to handling multiple items at the same time, the workstation processes both barcodes and RFID tags at checkout and return, and the case set feature prevents item substitution during checkout and return. It can also program and reprogram RFID tags and perform barcode-to-RFID conversionsthere's no need to use different machines during the conversion process. With its ergonomically correct design, the reader pad has a low proile, so items can be processed quickly and safely. The workstation is fully compatible with existing circulation desk computers, scanners and printers, and the display can be adjusted to allow easy viewing of the library's automated system.


3M - Staff Workstation


Improve workflow efficiency and ergonomics
This timesaving workstation combines item identification and security into a single operation. With its flexible design for improved ergonomics, the workstation improves efficiency and increases productivity by processing both barcodes and RFID tags at checkout and return. The workstation can also perform barcode-to-RFID conversions for new acquisitions and smaller scale collections. The 'case set' feature empowers you to identify if the case and the item match without opening the case which reduces handling time. The verifier light confirms the presence of a sensitized 3M Tattle-Tape Security Strip. Best of all, with RFID the workstation won't damage or erase sensitive materials, such as videos and cassettes.


3M - Detection System


State-of-the-art technology
This system offers state-of-the art technology for library materials marked with 3M RFID Tags. In addition to providing security, the Model 8800 is completely safe for all magnetic media. Along with an integrated traffic counter, the system features an optional voice alarm that plays a customizable message. The system accurately identifies items that haven't been properly checked out. Designed to fit into a variety of foor plans and decorsin compliance with ADA requirements-the Model 8800 has a variety of mounting options: direct mount, base plate or buried cable. While no application server is required, optional electronics outputs allow libraries to add other security features.


3M - SelfCheck System (V-Series)


Self-service with the 
reliability of Tattle-Tape Security

The 3M SelfCheck System V-Series is a fast, versatile checkout solution that is so intuitive it virtually assures first-time success. Along with an easy-to-use touch screen and step-by-step instructions, the distinctive V design helps customers place items correctly at checkout. The system processes books, magazines, videos, CDs and DVDs and provides web-based remote monitoring and diagnostics. It also accommodates a wide range range of barcode placements, so you rarely have automatically adapts to power level variations and essentially eliminates false alarms. Additional security features prevent customers from checking out more than one under a single barcode and substituting items during checkout. With its dynamic design and sharp, contemporary look, the V-Series takes your library to the next level of productivity and service.


3M - SelfCheck System (BCS-Series)


Fast, flexible self-service without item security
The 3M SelfCheck BCS-Series is a fully integrated hardware and software solution designed for the fast, effcient checkout of all library materials that carry barcodes. With the intuitive user interface, customers find the system incredibly easy to use. Providing a self-service checkout option helps save time and increase productivity which means staff can focus on delivering personal customer service. The BCS-Series also offers the flexibility to customize receipts, screen graphics and text. And with the remote administration feature, staff can coni and customize the system from any PC in the library.


3M - SelfCheck System (S-Series)


The affordable, 
reliable automated check-in system

As a complete check-in and sorting system that is both affordable and reliable, the 3M SelfCheck System S-Series helps libraries increase circulation and maintain a more accurate catalog, while improving productivity and customer service. With its real-time check-in feature, easy-to-use interface and return receipt, customers are sure each item is returned correctly. In addition, staff can quickly separate exceptions and send materials to the stacksand customers can immediately check out items with limits. Along with a scalable 3- or 5-bin design, the S-Series lets libraries customize the sort matrix so bins are equally distributed. The system notifies staff when bins are full and sends an instant e-mail if the circulation system goes offline or the printer is out of paper. Libraries can also monitor the number of processed items and schedule staff during peak periods, when the return rate is highest. Most important, the S-Series allows staff to spend more time helping customers.


3M - e-Branch Library


Library access wherever your customers need it
With the 3M e-Branch Library system, your library can provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a quick, cost-effective way to expand your services without adding staff. Plus, you'll increase the visibility of your library within the community seamlessly and effortlessly. This ATM-like workstation provides immediate library access wherever your customers need it. The system can be installed at convenient locations, including malls, supermarkets, retail stores and community centers, and is perfect for customers on the go. This free-standing terminal provides users a direct link to library databases, services and informa- tion in the touch of a button. Most important, the e-Branch Library narrows the digital divide by providing quick, convenient internet access. Customers can log on and get everything from stock quotes to local weather to information about healthcare, government services, employment opportunities and education.