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Technology that makes a difference.
As a recognized leader in microbial testing,3M Microbiology has responded to the unique needs of the food and beverage industry with innovative solutions for your laboratory. 3M Petrifilm plates are a family of sample-ready plates that are uniquely designed to offer you time savings, increased productivity, reliability and most of all, greater overall efficiency that you can feel confident about. For technology that makes a difference, look to 3M Petrifilm plates.

Reliability you can trust.

3M Petrifilm plates have become the industry standard in food testing because they provide reliable results, technician-to-technician, shift-to-shift, plant-to-plant. Plus, Petrifilm plates are AOAC Official Methods that you can rely on to deliver consistently accurate and reproducible results.

Petrifilm plates are available for most microbial testing needs,including:

  • Aerobic Count

  • Coliform Count

  • E.coli/Coliform Count

  • Enterobacteriaceae Count

  • High-Sensitivity Coliform Count

  • Rapid Coliform Count

  • Rapid S.aureus Count

  • Staph Express Count

  • Yeast & Mold Count

  • Environmental Listeria

Leading with confidence.

If you're looking for a food testing method you can feel confident about, consider that more than 200 evaluations have been completed from validating agencies and peer-review publications worldwide on the precise, consistent results delivered by Petrifilm plates.

Additionally,Petrifilm plates are used by 83 of the top 100 food companies. So whether your operation is large or small, you too will appreciate how efficient Petrifilm plates are to work with.