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Product Line

Prompt has a wide range of value added products in the areas of Infection Prevention, Dental Cure Products, Stethoscopes, Visual System products, Trauma Orthopedic, Toxic Gases and many more.....

1. Medical Equipments, Equipments that are predominantly used in EtO / Plasma Sterilization business, Stethoscopes, Food Safety Instruments, Dental CNC equipments, etc..

2. Sterilization monitoring Products, Sealer machines, Incubators, Sterilization Packaging for Hospitals, device manufacturing and Pharma industries.

3. Security Systems, a device designed to detect Library Systems, Panels, EM/RFID, HVAT etc.

4. Multimedia Projectors, Equipments that are predominantly used in Digital Media Systems and Digital wall Displays.

5. Abrasives, a device designed for body finishing of automobiles.

6. Gas Leak Detectors & safety monitoring devices for Toxic and Flammable Gas.

7. Radiology, Critical care units, Electrosurgical units.