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3M Sterivac Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer
Authorized Service Providers and Marketing Technical Supporters for complete range of 3M Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer and Aerators for whole of South, West & East India region. We have well experienced staff on these machines including 3M trained personnel. We have experience for over 8 years and also had been trained by officials from 3M USA.

Customer Satisfaction and appreciation has played a very important role in our success during the past years of operation. We also trade in necessary consumables for sterilization and other Healthcare related products, equipment and accessories. We have also been awarded as the Authorised Distributor of Sterilization Products for entire Karnataka Region.



3M Electronic Projection System - Multimedia Projectors & OHP’s
Authorized Distributors and Service Providers for complete range of Multimedia Projectors and Overhead Projectors for whole of South India Region. Specialization under all kinds of Power Supply related problems, board and component level servicing. Being the Super Stockist for 3M Digital Projectors in Tamil Nadu Region, we hold huge stocks of Digital Projectors and OHP’s at our Chennai Warehouse. We have three Prompt Authorised Dealers catering Tamil Nadu region.


3M “LITTMANN” Stethoscope
Authorized Sales & Service Providers for complete range of LITTMANN Stethoscopes throughout India and 3M Authorised Dealers for LITTMANN Stethoscopes and Stethoscope spares in Karnataka. We even organize Service Camps for 3M Littmann Stethoscopes to all the Medical Colleges and major Hospitals throughout Karnataka.


3M Dental Curing Lights
Authorized Service Providers for Dental Curing Lights all over South India Region. We have trained technical personnel who carry out the repair and service of these Dental Curing Lights.


3M Library Systems
3M's security solutions are designed to protect valuable collection from loss due to unauthorized removal or improper checkout. Protecting libraries with EM - Tattle-Tape™ Security technology can be combined with RFID technology for maximum security and productivity. We carry out Installation, Calibration, Maintenance and Service of 3M Library Systems.


3M Microbiology
3M Authorized Distributor and Service Provider for Microbiology, recognized as a trusted leader in the food microbiology industry.

Designed, manufactured and market a full line of innovative testing and monitoring products that help food and beverage processors, and food service companies worldwide manage microbial risk and improve food quality.


RUP’s Packaging Material
Authorised Super Stockists & Distributors for Disposable Sterilization of Imported Rup’s Packaging material for South India Region. 

An ISO 9002 Company with EN867 and BS6256 approved Standard Medical Grade packaging materials and pouches used for both Steam and EO Sterilization in Hospitals and Manufacturing Industries.



UPL Toxic and 
Combustible Gas Monitor Systems.

Authorized Distributors and Service Providers for United Phosphorous Ltd. (UPL) for their Gas analyzers and Gas leak Detector systems in Karnataka. United Phosphorus Ltd. (Chemo Electronic Laboratory) offers one of the industries largest selections of high quality gas detection devices. They include Personal & Portable Monitors, Continuous Monitoring Systems as well as Chemical Detector Tubes. 

The toxic gases and chemical vapours covered include most of the commonly encountered toxic gases and chemical vapours like Cl2, NH3, SO2, HF, H2S, CO, CO2, Mercaptans, Benzene, etc. UPL also have indigenously developed an “Intrinsically Safe” Catalytic Bead Sensor (Pellistor) for the detection of combustible gases and help our customers in choosing the right instrument and provide after sales service like calibration, maintenance, etc.


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  • 3M Littmann Stethoscopes.



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